Amazon FBA


Coupon N Discount is the gateway platform for sellers reaching wider customers for to boost their business and improve sale and ranking.

This also allows online buyers to get amazing deal and discount on great products.

Majority of our offers are on affiliate links and we also use our social media’s partners platform like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to promote our products which helps sellers reaching bigger audience.

The website is unique and simple to use, buyers are not required to create annoying account or subscription to take advantage of the offers or to access coupon code.

The website does NOT offer direct purchase, it allows buyer to browse product that are on offer with full details including the COUPON CODE, you click the button ‘BUY ON AMAZON’ when buyers find product of their choice which will take direct Amazon product page or sellers platform page to complete purchase.

The website offers buyers to purchase from the following countries and currencies.

  • USA or Worldwide platform (USD $)
  • United Kingdom (GBP £)
  • Europe (EURO €)

For further information, submit your query via the contact us tab.

Also you may check our FAQs for additions information.