For eligible to  use Coupon N Discount website to post  deal/s you must agreeing to our following conditions:

To qualify:

  • You must be an online seller for platform like Amazon, eBay, Shopify or any eCommerce stores

Currency we accept:

  • USD, GBP, EURO and any other worldwide Dollar like CAD

Restricted post/deal and images:

  • All sexual related post/deal
  • All alcohol related post/deal
  • Any post/product that is harmful and abusive

Deal requirement:

  • Must provide a single/group coupon code for buyers to enter on your platform/checkout
  • Coupon code must have a minimum of 10 days expiry
  • You will offer a minimum of 15% plus (+) discount from your current selling price for all promotional items
  • All promotional product details must be correct and genuine
  • A direct URL link to your promotional product is required (Example – If Amazon, A direct link to your product listing)
  • Your current selling price must be matched with coupon n discount website

Image and product detail (Where needed):

  • Main product image must be white background with product image only (Preferred size 700px x 700px)
  • Optional – Optimize all images before emailing to us, for better performance use link to optimize image or

Our deal options:

  • We have the rights to reject any deal if we find it Inappropriate
  • We may change or amend our packages at any time without prior notice
  • All deal will be listed under related category and can be viewed under search
  • All expiry deal will be stored in archive for a limited period (customer can view your expired deal)

Posting your deal on website:

  • Allow 3-5 days for your deal to appear on the website
  • We may inform you when your deal is active on website
  • You must provide your full name and email address when submitting a deal request
  • We may contact you if a customer interested in your expiry deal

Deal limitation:

  • Up to 20 deal restricted on deal 1 (customer find your deal on search option)
  • Only one deal is allowed on front page display (we reserve the right to select the deal section)
  • Up to 10 deal restriction on package 3 (eBay and all ecommerce stores)
  • We may consider bulk deal (Please contact admin and negotiate quantity and price)


  • We only accept payment via PayPal gateway
  • All our package prices including the PayPal fees
  • You deal will be publish after you confirm the payment


We reserve the right to change, update and amend all above conditions without any prior notice.